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It is a milk feed formulated to increase milk yield of dairy cows with moderate milk yield.

• With its balanced protein-energy structure, rich vitamin and mineral composition, it increases the milk yield and quality of the animals in proportion to their genetic structure and increases the profit of the enterprise.
• It increases dry matter intake with its delicious and appetizing feature.
• Helps to prevent the occurrence of complications that may occur after birth
• It increases the utilization of roughage and dense feeds by regulating the pH of the rumen with the yeast it contains.
• High BY-pass protein, starch content and healthy energy level eliminate the problems of calm anger, irregular anger, and incontinence due to nutrition. Thus, it provides long-term economic use by increasing the age of the cows and the calving number of the cows.

• If HAS Dairy Feed is just starting, cows should be gradually acclimated within 1-2 weeks.
• HAS Milk Feed should be given at least 2 times a day.
• Water should be provided to the cows freely. In cases where this is not possible, at least 3 meals should be watered.
• The amount of HAS Milk Feed to be given daily varies according to the quantity and quality of other roughage and concentrated feeds given to the milker.